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The Gate To Life

The Gate To Life is a ministry to believers to teach the word of the kingdom for the salvation of the carnal soul; teaching believers how to qualify to be chosen to enter the gate to life in New Jerusalem, the headquarters of heaven, as the bride of Yahusha. 

   The primary focus is to teach believers to honor, glorify and call on the name of Yahuah, be obedient to His laws, and bear fruit for the kingdom of heaven. Believers were called to do good works after they receive salvation of their spirit for eternal life in heaven, by faith in the name of Yahusha, the Messiah. 


The Assembly of Yahuah

   Assemblies of believers in Yahuah are needed worldwide. It is necessary for believers to assemble to exhort one another for obedience, to honor the name of Yahuah, care for the poor, patiently endure tribulation and focus on the glory of their inheritance in the paradise of Yahuah. Believers need an assembly of other believers who will join them to keep the Sabbath and holy days and be obedient to all Yahuah’s laws. 

The Author

Robert B. Beale

Author, Robert B. Beale, Author of the book, The Chosen, and The Gate to Life, graduate of MIT

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   Robert Beale is the author of the book, THE GATE TO LIFE In The Kingdom of Heaven, and founder of the Gate To Life organization and an Assembly of Yahuah. 

   He obtained degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and MIT. He was the founder and CEO of Comtrol Corporation, a manufacturer of industrial communication systems. https://comtrol.com/

   He participated in evangelism with the Navigators and Campus Crusade in college and many years thereafter. He founded two successful churches in Florida and Switzerland. He attended Living Word Christian Center under Pastor Mac Hammond for more than twenty-five years. https://www.lwcc.org/ 

   He is the father of four successful sons, with ten grandchildren. 

Assembly of Yahuah

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