The Mark of the Beast

The Great Deception

The mark of the beast is evidence of obedience to his lawlessness.

In the last days the beast will enforce his lawlessness with great martyrdom.

However, nearly all the believers in the world have been deceived

and already have the mark of obedience to the beast and

 disobey the commandments of Yahuah

Who is the beast from the sea?

What is the mark of Yahuah?

What is the mark of the beast?

Who is the beast from the earth?

What is the image of the beast?

What is the number of his name?

The last days will be the worst persecution the world has known. But there have been many harbingers in the past, including the deception, persecution and lawlessness of the last 1700 years. A beast from the sea has been identified my many church leaders for 500 years, and has ruled the earth for 1260 years.  The scriptures are clear that the mark of Yahuah is obedience to his commandments.  Therefore, it is logical to assume that a mark of the beast is obedience to his lawlessness.

The beast from the earth and his image are nearly unknown. It is the greatest deception in the world. However, the number of his name is obvious and clearly identifies who he is. Nearly all the Christians in the world are worshiping him by obedience to his lawlessness. The time to repent and turn to Yahuah is coming to an end very soon. 

Rav Shaul,  TheAntichristMovieFull – YouTube

   To begin, one must learn the correct names of the Creator and His Son. The name of the Creator is Yahuah. It appears over 7000 times in the Hebrew scriptures, but has been replaced by Lord or God, which are names used by Satan. So it is a violation of the first commandment to even say them. He says that He is the only savior. So He named His Son Yahusha, which means Yahuah is the savior. Nor is there salvation in any  other name, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12). So if the beast leads believers to worship any other name, they are deceived and are disobedient to Yahuah. 

   Secondly, one must learn that obedience to Yahuah’s commandments is a mark on the hand and the forehead. The forehead records obedient thoughts and the hand performs obedient activities.  Keeping the Sabbath and Holy Feast days is a sign to Yahuah that the believer is a member of His family. They receive the mark of Yahuah and are protected. Satan deceives believers into disobedience, like he did to Adam and Eve, to disqualify them from entering the kingdom of heaven. The beast outlawed the “Jewish” laws and holidays in the 4th century, on pain of death, and required Christians to worship the sun god on Sunday, and Ishtar, the queen of heaven on Easter. They are still obeying these laws today.

   The image of the beast from the earth is obvious from the number of his name. The Greek text translated 666 is actually three Greek letters: Chi, Xi, Stigma. This is commonly known as a Christogram of the initials of Iesous Christos written in Greek. Iesous is the Greek translation of Yahusha (Joshua) in the Septuagint Bible of 167 BC. The first and last letters in His names are written as IC XC everywhere. The X is Chi, the C is Stigma. His portraits also show a Xi over the IC and XC identifying his name as Chi Xi Stigma. Each letter also has a well known meaning. The Chi represents Christ, the Xi is a tree or a cross, and the Stigma is a mark or piercing in the body. These definitions are readily available on the internet and in Strong’s Concordance. 

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