The Lost Tribes of Israel

The Wealthiest Nations in the World

Under the Laws of Yahuah the nation of Israel became the wealthiest empire in the world in 1000 BC

The House of Israel and the House of Judah became separate nations because of disobedience

The ten tribes of Israel were scattered throughout the world because of pagan idolatry

They founded the wealthiest nations in the world including the English empire

They are the creators of Western Christian Culture which rules the world

The laws given to Moses by Yahuah, established individual sovereignty over priate property and freedom from human laws and administrative government. These laws established human rights, morality, strong families, justice, freedom and social cooperation. They also excluded any other religions. These principles are the foundations of civilization, prosperity and economic power, resulting in leadership of the world. These laws are the necessary foundation for democracy. The original nation of Israel became the world’s wealthiest nation founding colonies worldwide, including Greece, Rome, Europe, Britain and the Americas by 1000 BC.

The Israeli empire collapsed into civil war between the house of Israel and the house of Judah. The house of Israel was scattered worldwide and established the world’s  wealthiest empires of Parthia, Western Europe, the British empire and the Americas. Yahusha said He only came for the lost sheep of Israel. His plan is to create a new man, by joining the two houses of Israel and Judah together. They will have faith in Him, be filled with the Holy Spirit and have His laws written on their heart. All foreigners can join the house of Israel by obedience to His laws. Then Israel will become the world capital with Yahusha as King. 

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