the Laws of Yahuah

The 195 laws and Commandments of the Torah

 The laws of the covenant given to Moses by Yahuah, govern the Kingdom of heaven forever. Only those obedient to His commandments are allowed in His kingdom.

 He promises to bless those that keep His commandments with prosperity and protection, above all the nations of the earth.

Those who violate His laws are cursed by poverty, sickness and violence. They are without His protections of moral behavior, private property, freedom to trade and justice. They are exposed to evil spiritual forces.

Disobedient believers will live in heaven outside the gates of the kingdom.

The laws given to Moses in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, can be summarized into 195 commandments. A famous list of 613 commandments was compiled by Rabbi Maimonides in the 12th century AD. However, they include many related to temple procedures and sacrifices and many duplicate commandments.

The enclosed list of abbreviated statutes and commandments is organized by their scripture reference, with a subject index to make them easy to find. It is intended to be a quick reference guide to the laws that apply to us today. They are abbreviated to provide the primary instructions while making them easier to find and remember. The scriptures themselves should be used for understanding the purposes and details of the law.

Commandments that include many variables and conditions, or are repeated, have been consolidated to avoid repetition and improve understanding. However, the process is subjective and imprecise. Some commandments are repeated here because they include more instructions. A subject reference is provided to help locate related instructions.

Statutes that relate to temple procedures and sacrifices were not included in this list, because they don’t apply to us today. They have become obsolete under the new covenant. We now have a new high priest in the temple in heaven and the final sacrifice has been made for our sins.

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