Repent For the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

The Time of Yahuah's Judgment of Lawlessness has come

The four horsemen of the apocalypse have begun to ride. The white horse has conquered the world with a crown; locking down the world, shutting down businesses, and churches. The red horse is causing violence and war. The black horse of financial depression and famine has begun to ride. The pale horse of death is killing one fourth of the earth with sickness and deadly medication. Yahuah’s wrath  is upon the world. Repent from sexual immorality and  lawlessness to be forgiven and avoid eternal punishment. The 120th Jubilee is very near. 

    The tribulation begins in Revelation 6 when Yahusha opens the seals of the deed to His inheritance. His goal is to destroy the wicked, punish the unrighteous and lead them to repentance. He wants to train the righteous to be obedient to His laws and train them for leadership in heaven with patient endurance of persecution. 

   The first rider is already taking over the over the earth with a one world  communist government of social justice. WHO is taking over the world with the authority of plandemics. The second horseman is starting WWIII. The third horseman is already causing  hyperinflation, food shortages, financial hardship and famine. The last horseman is now causing widespread sickness and death with fake vaccines. They have been given authority to kill one fourth of the earth, which is less than have taken the deadly medication. 

   These horsemen have ridden before in many nations that were conquered by communism. But believers were able to contain them from spreading worldwide. Every example included internal civil violence, financial depression and famine. They destroyed free markets, the production and distribution of food, and other necessities of life. They took authority with tyranny and established control and dependence on the government. It is happening worldwide now. 

   Yahuah has always punished His disobedient people with the sword, famine and pestilence. Yahuah sends them to punish lawlessness and bring repentance.  These are the last years of this age. The kingdom of Yahusha will take over the earth and the righteous will be resurrected. 

   Prophecy can only tell approximately what is coming, and only vague information about when. It tells believers what signs to look for when it arrives, so they can quickly know and understand when it arrives. The mystery is concealed and not understood until the time that it takes place. But Yahuah said He would only give man 120 jubilee years to rule the earth. See: Genesis 6:3. This is also the 70th jubilee since the Israelites entered the promised land on the 50th year of the 50th jubilee in 1406BC. See: Jubilees 50:4. Each jubilee is 49 years, so the 70th and 120th jubilees end in 2025. The last 3.5 years of the tribulation would begin in March 2022. This adds weight to the current events of today being evidence of the end of the age. 

   Current events suggest that the tribulation has begun, ushering in the second coming of Yahusha as king, to destroy the wicked and resurrect the righteous. The worldwide lockdown is the largest public event since the flood of Noah. Such an event should be in the Bible. This is evidence that the events of Revelation have begun. Nations have already made the deadly medication mandatory as a requirement for people to leave their homes. The medication clots the blood and destroys the immune system. So, all cause deaths have increased 150 percent. Millions are dying of many different deadly illnesses that are being covered up.  People who have taken the medication are dying at 20 times the rate of those who haven’t. Many children are having serious illnesses after given the shot. 

   The spirit of antichrist is revealing himself by using propaganda of lies and twisted reality and hiding the truth. The medication contains tissue from pigs, monkeys, mice and aborted fetuses, which are forbidden by the laws of Yahuah. It also contains mRNA to change the human DNA and electronics that communicate wirelessly to control the body. The beast is preventing people from participating in society unless they violate the laws of Yahuah. This has the characteristics of the mark of the beast of Revelation 13. Believers  are a temple of Yahuah, who lives inside of them. If anyone defiles their temple, Yahuah will destroy them.

   The first seal that is broken in Revelation 6 results in a rider of a white horse conquering the world with a bow, a sword and a crown. The color of the white horse refers to deception in an act of peace, with the authority of a crown, enforced with a sword. The world has been conquered overnight, with lockdowns, masks and closed businesses; with the authority of a corona virus.  Corona is the Latin word for crown. 

   Billions have been deceived by false claims that millions would die from a new strain of flu. Many doctors and medical experts on alternative media reveal an abundance of evidence that the new flu is no more dangerous than the common variety that has killed millions every year; and  common medications that are 100% effective are being outlawed. The fraudulent claims are an attempt to control the earth and reduce the population. This has been the public agenda of the United Nations for years, to create a sustainable earth.

The government is deliberately starting wars and destroying the food and energy supplies. Billions are going to die. The government is claiming that the population of the U.S. will be reduced by more than fifty percent. 

1 Corinthians 3:16,17 – “Do you not know that you are the temple of Yahuah and that the Spirit of Yahuah dwells in you? If anyone defiles the temple of Yahuah, Yahuah will destroy him. For the temple of Yahuah is holy, which temple you are.”

See, Daniel Joseph, Corner Fringe Ministries, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Part 1 of 12.

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